Hound Mound FAQs

Who operates The Hound Mound at Heritage Park?

The Parks & Recreation Division.

What are The Hound Mound’s rules?

Visit the rules page.

What is the size limits for the different areas?

The small dog park is available to dogs weighing 30 pounds or less. The large dog park areas are open to dogs of all sizes.

Can people or dogs get hurt at The Hound Mound?

Yes. Unfortunately, dogs can cause injury to people and other dogs. They are dogs and do not always act in ways we understand. That is why everyone should act responsibly with their dog and respect the rights of other people and dogs. Familiarizing yourself with the dog park rules are a good first step to a safe Hound Mound experience.

How do I avoid a dog fight?

Prevent a Dog Fight Before It Happens: Learn the 4P Warning Signs:


: A dog’s body language can communicate fear, hostility or submission. Learn to read and respond to your own dog’s body language, and others.


: More than 2 or 3 dogs packed together can lead to trouble. Break it up before it starts by leading your dog to a neutral area at least 30 feet away.


: Whether it’s you, a ball, or a treat, most dogs will protect what is theirs. Remain aware.


: If your dog is continuously annoying another dog or dogs, or provoking attention, it’s time to leave the park.

What should I do if a dog fight erupts?

An injured dog may bite anyone nearby. A dog fight can be violent and is upsetting to everyone present. Keep calm. Even the calmest, most pleasant, well-adjusted person may become upset, angry or belligerent, if they or their dog is injured in a fight. Emotional behavior is automatic; try to remain calm and as objective be as possible. Never reach your hands into the middle of a dog fight. You may get bit, and often by your own dog.

Distract the dogs and divert their attention. A blast of water from a water bottle, a loud whistle, or a pocket air horn may work. If your dog is not in the fight, make sure he/she does not join in. If a fight occurs, control your dog and remove him/her to a neutral area. Maintain a cool head. Getting upset and yelling will only add to the frenzy.

When warranted, exchange contact information with the other dog owners. If you can’t because you must attend to your dog, designate someone else to get information. Remember, owners are solely liable for injuries or damage caused by their dogs. This includes injury to another dog or person, no matter how it began, who said what, or whatever.

Can I bring food and/or water into the park?

Water is provided in the park. Outside food and drink is prohibited.

Does my dog need city tags to enter?

Yes. Dogs must display current identification tags and must be healthy, parasite free, and properly vaccinated, as required by Chapter 6 of the Town’s Code of Ordinances. If requested by an animal control officer, owners must provide current vaccination and registration information.

Does my dog need a current rabies shot to play in The Hound Mound?


Is there an age limit for dogs?

Yes. Dogs must be at least 4 months old and have their rabies shots to come to the Hound Mound. This is because a puppy’s immunity must build up to fight bacteria and other stuff.

What should I do about an aggressive dog?

First, remove your dog from the situation. Second, (if it is safe) politely tell the dog’s owner that you feel their dog is aggressive and ask them to take some action to control their dog or leave the park. If you do not feel safe or a polite request has no effect, call Flower Mound Animal Control at 972-874-6390. It is up to users of The Hound Mound to police each other, in a friendly manner, to keep dog park safe for all.

What if a dog bites someone?

Dog bites are rare at dog parks, especially if all users follow the rules and respect other people and dogs. But if someone is bitten, get the person who was bit medical attention immediately, including calling 911 if necessary; get the identity of the dog who did the biting and its owner; contact Flower Mound Animal Control at 972-874-6390 or Flower Mound Police Department at 972-539-0525 to report the bite, who got bit, and the identity of the dog who bit and the owner.

What if I see someone breaking the rules of The Hound Mound?

The Hound Mound was established on the concept that dog owners would police themselves and each other. If you see someone who forgets the rules (i.e., forgets to pick up poop) politely introduce yourself, remind them of the rule, and thank them when they comply with the rule. If there is a rule violation that you think might lead to a dangerous situation or injury, please contact the Flower Mound Police Department’s non-emergency line at 972-539-0525.

Should I bring my dog to the park when it’s really hot?

Because of the danger of heat stroke, staff warns against extended use of the park during the heat of the day and any day use by long hair breeds.

What should I do if I suspect my dog has heat stroke?

Signs of heat stroke are intense, rapid panting, wide eyes, salivating, staggering and weakness. Advanced heat stroke victims will collapse and become unconscious. The gums will appear pale and dry. Any temperature above 106 degrees is dangerous. The longer the temperature remains at or above 106 degrees the more serious the situation.

If you suspect your dog has heat stroke, place him/her in a tub of cool running water or spray with a hose, being sure the cool water contacts the skin and doesn’t simply run off the coat. Thoroughly wet the belly and inside the legs. Run the cool water over the tongue and mouth. Take a rectal temperature if possible to know when to stop cooling. A safe temperature is about 103 degrees. Seek veterinary attention as soon as possible.