Park Improvements

The Parks and Recreation Division is working hard to enhance the quality of life for Flower Mound residents, including updating and renovating many Flower Mound playgrounds and parks.

Heritage Park Phase 3 Update

Heritage Park Phase III construction continues to progress nicely with many of the new amenities starting to take shape. Residents can look forward to a shaded splash pad, additional parking spaces, sidewalk and trail additions, a restroom building, and a new performance pavilion with seating. Construction on the splash pad is on schedule with the rubber coat and stained textured concrete being poured this month. The project encompasses a large amount of landscaping and boulders along the new dry creek bed and splash pad which will help add to the beauty of the park.

Another great feature of Phase III is the addition of hybrid Bermuda sod and irrigation to the great lawn area in front of the existing pavilion. The sod will be placed in the early spring and will provide for a nice area for residents to watch concerts in the park, have picnics, and play fun family games. Phase III is estimated to be complete and open to the public by May. Please remember that several areas of the park (Fort Wildflower playground, pavilion) remain closed during construction.

Rheudasil, Wilkerson, and Cortadera Parks Pond Improvements

Families Participating in Kid Fish Event at Rheudasil Park
Cortadera Pond dredging, fountain, and aeration system installation is complete.

Rheudasil Pond dredging and bank stabilization is complete. We are waiting for the sod to establish and for the pond to fill with water via rainfall. Once the pond fills to an acceptable level, the fish will be restocked. If the pond does not fill to the proper level by the end of April, the fish restocking will be postponed to October or November because it will become too hot.

Wilkerson Pond dredging is complete and the fountain/aeration system installation will be complete by the end of February.

Playground Upgrades

20170710_154414Gaston Park playground, located at 2499 College Parkway, was recently updated to feature a Fire Rescue theme with a 2-5 year old play structure, a 5-12 year old play structure, independent play pieces, and swings.

Glenwick Park playground, located at 4100 Weldon Drive, was recently updated with a locomotive theme and includes a 2-12 year old play structure, independent play pieces, and swings. The swing area will receive a four post shade structure sometime this spring. The surfacing is a combination of a colorful rubber with a train track design and synthetic turf in the swing area.

Spring Meadow Park, located at 4001 Spring Meadow Lane, is a Wild West themed playground with a 2-5 year old play structure, a 5-12 year old play structure, swings and a large net climber/merry-go-round. This playground also has several benches around the perimeter of the play area with umbrella shade over them.

Oak Park, located at 1015 Wood Creek Drive, will officially be open on 2/10/18. It is themed after the Flower Mound Police Department with custom logos and colorful surfacing with a caution tape design. The 2-5 year old play area has a large police car spring rider that can even accommodate wheelchairs for parallel play. This playground also has some independent play pieces and swings. The entire playground is covered with a large 4 post, fabric shade structure.

Bluebonnet Park, located at 1801 Park View Drive, is currently under construction and should be complete by mid-February. This playground is a Wildflower theme with a focus on Bluebonnets. It contains a 2-5 year old play structure, a 5-12 year old play structure, independent play pieces, and fully shaded swings.

Grove ParkGrove Park, located at 3901 Braxton Lane received a ship-themed makeover complete with a 2-12 year old play structure, swings, and shade over the entire playground.