Community Development Corporation


Meetings held on an as-needed basis.

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

Agendas are posted online, and on the Town Hall notice board, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Should an agenda packet be prepared, this will also be available online, along with any draft or approved minutes.
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Director 1 - William Koenig (Treasurer)
Bill Koenig

Director 2 - John Mignone (Vice President)
John Mignon

Director 3 - TK KumaranTK Kumaran

Director 4 - Kenneth Walsh
Kenneth Walsh

Director 5 - Ashish Puri Ashish Puri

Director 6 - Shruti Rawat (President)Shruti Rawat

Director 7 - Tamera Bennett (photo coming soon)


The Community Development Corporation is organized exclusively for the purposes of benefiting and accomplishing public purposes of, and to act on behalf of, the Town of Flower Mound, and the specific purposes for which the corporation is organized, and with Town Council approval, may issue bonds on behalf of the Town and expend the proceeds of any sales and use tax levied for projects authorized by Section 4B of Article 5190.6 of the Texas Revised Civil Statutes, as amended, for land, building, equipment, facilities, and improvements required or suitable for use for public park purposes and events, including parks and park facilities, and the maintenance and operation expenses for any of the above described projects.

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For additional information or questions, contact Chuck Jennings, Director of Parks and Recreation, 972.874.6273.