Animal Services Board


Shall meet a minimum of three times per year.

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

Agendas are posted online, and on the Town Hall notice board, at least 72 hour prior to the meeting. Should an agenda packet be prepared this will also be available online, along with any draft or approved minutes.

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Place 1 - Robyn Read (Must be a licensed veterinarian)
Robyn Reed

Place 2 - Christine Hastings
Christine Hastings
Place 3 - Vacant

Place 4 - Carol Stephens (Vice-Chair)
Carol Stephens
Place 5 - Rebecca Burton
Rebecca Burton

Place 6 - Sharon Gentry

Sharon Gentry

Place 7 - Ann Martin 
ann martin web

Place 8, Alternate - Deborah FitzpatrickDeborah Fitzpatrick

Place 9, Alternate - Beth SoderbergBeth Soderberg


The Animal Services Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in matters pertaining to the animal shelter complying with the laws set forth in the Texas Rabies Control Act. The board shall assist the animal shelter in complying with the requirements of the Vernon's Texas Statutes and Codes Annotated (V.T.C.A.), Health and Safety Code Chapter 823.

Powers and Duties

(a) The board will serve in an advisory capacity to the town council in matters pertaining to the animal shelter and/or animal control issues. The board may provide recommendations to the town council regarding its compliance with the Texas Rabies Control Act of 1981, as amended, and may recommend improvements to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the town's animal control program.

(b)The board shall assist the animal shelter in complying with the requirements of V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code, ch. 823, as amended.

(c)The board shall perform such other duties as prescribed by the town council by ordinance or resolution.

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Click on this email  to provide comments to board members about current or future agenda items. Board members are unable to reply to your message(s) due to Open Meetings regulations. In addition, correspondence received two hours prior to the meeting start time may not be read as board members are preparing for the meeting.

Please note your correspondence is considered public information, however, your email, or other information deemed confidential by law, would not be disclosed.

For additional information or questions, contact Christine Hastings, Animal Services Manager, at 972.874.6389.