Town Secretary's Office

Mission Statement

The Town Secretary's Office is dedicated to communicating and providing services openly and sincerely to all customers-citizens, council, staff and visitors with professionalism and efficiency, and to providing the administrative and clerical support to the Mayor and Town Council that is desired. The office also:
  • Accepts petitions filed by citizens
  • Acts as liaison with town departments, outside agencies, other branches of governments, and the general public on behalf of the Town Council
  • Coordinates and schedules official Town Council meetings and is responsible for the recording and transcriptions for permanent record
  • Maintains Boards and Commissions membership information
  • Maintains custody, filing and storage of all legislation, minutes, and other written and recorded documents pertaining to the operation of town government
  • Provides administrative assistance to the Mayor and members of council; processes requests for the Mayor's appearances, proclamations, certificates of appreciation, letters of greetings, etc.
  • Responsible for documenting and following through of all requests of Town Council for information, documents and reports from various administrative units of municipal governments
  • Responsible for the publication, updating, and distribution of the Code of Ordinances
  • Serves as the town's Records Management Officer
  • Oversees, guides and tracks the entire legislative process

Records Management

The primary purpose of this division is to categorize and schedule records produced by town departments. The records management officer administers the records management and archives program, inspects town records, and ascertains the town's compliance with record keeping requirements established by Texas State Law. The division maintains the town's records center, retrieves and refiles records upon department request, and conducts destruction of records when retention time periods have expired.

Records Management Plan & Disaster Prevention/Recovery Plan