Mission Statement

The Town of Flower Mound Purchasing Office is dedicated to providing the best possible, highest quality of service to all of our customers, both internal and external. Our Division works on sustaining an environment that ensures accountability of stewardship and strategic use of contracting services, materials and resource management, and sourcing of goods and services, and utility per the general rules and procedures of the Texas Local Government Code, and doing so within any additional legal constraints.

The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® Award

The National Procurement Institute established a program in 1995 designed to recognize organizational excellence in public procurement. The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® is awarded annually. This prestigious award is earned by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score based on standardized criteria. The criteria are designed to measure innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement, and leadership attributes of the procurement organization. The Town of Flower Mound Purchasing Office's achievements have been recognized and this award received several times.

2023 Utility Consumption

Texas Government Code 2264.001(b) requires governmental entities to publish consumption and payment information regarding the various utility services used. The following table shows the total metered amount of electricity, natural gas, and water used by the Town for municipal services as well as the total amount paid for these utilities.

25,206,946 kilowatt hours
Natural Gas
66,189 hundred cubic feet (ccf)
121,003,450 gallons
Total Cost

It is the Town's goal to keep the most current and accurate information available to the public on this site. However, varying events can occur that could affect the timeliness of the information and accuracy of the content.

2023 Utility Consumption Report