Healthy Living

Growing up is hard work. Two things that can make it easier are staying active and making healthy eating choices. Here you will find recipes that are not only good for you, but ones you can make for yourself! Additionally, you will also learn why exercise is cool!

Eating Healthy

PancakesIf you're hungry, grab an apron and get cooking! Making a meal yourself, with a little help from a parent, is a great way to learn about food and how to prepare it. KidsHealth has plenty of recipes for you to try, such as blueberry pancakes and awesome applesauce, frozen yogurt pops, and tips on how to make your own peanut butter! To experiment in the kitchen, check out the KidsHealth complete list of recipes.

Another fun project is learning to grow your own food! Work with your mom and dad during the spring and you can grow your own fruits and vegetables at home. The website has great tips on how to grow your own food at home.


SkateboardWhy is exercise cool? When you exercise, you're building a strong body that will help move around and do all the stuff your need it to do. You exercise all the time without even thinking about it. Just being active, like running around outside or playing kickball at school, are both types of exercise. To find out find out all the reasons why exercise is cool, you can visit the KidsHealth site.

Want to be a professional athlete? Or maybe an Olympic gymnast? All athletes have a few things in common, like healthy eating habits and exercise. To see how real athletes use exercise and healthy eating habits in their daily lives, check out U.S. Women's Soccer Team: Making Every Calorie Count.