MapGames are not only fun to play, but often provide key information to help kids learn about a certain subject. The games provided by the Flower Mound NextGen website will give kids an opportunity to have fun in an educational setting. The dining decision game, for example, will help children decide what the best possible meal would be in the school cafeteria, while Ben’s Place the State game will ask kids to place all of the states on a given map.

There will also be a page for kids who might prefer creative writing, to playing games. The Tall Tales page offers an imaginative opportunity for aspiring writers. Kids can read the Flower Mound tall tale, then email their own version of a local tall tale. The tall tale page will be continuously updated when new stories are submitted.

Trivia questions are also a fun and easy way to learn more about Flower Mound and the surrounding area. All of the answers tot he questions from the Kids Corner, on the Flower Mound NextGen homepage, will be found on the trivia page. Since this website is for the kids, we will also put the trivia in their hands. If you would like to share any trivia questions with other NextGen visitors, please email them to us.