THWhether it is national, state, or local, government plays a daily role in each of our lives. The Flower Mound Town Charter, for example governs the actions of the Town Council and staff, establishes a structure and sets boundaries for that government, and also creates basic guidelines and principles under which the government operates. Agendas and minutes help the Town Council record all of the information that they discuss during the meetings. These agendas and minutes are kept for historical purposes for many, many years.

Did you know that Texas was once a country by itself? Believe it or not, it was! Because of this, the government of the State of Texas is unlike any other. If you ever want to find any kind of information about our great state, we have made it easy for you. The ‘State Government’ tab will take you directly to the State of Texas’ website, and the ‘National Government’ tab will do the same thing with the United States of America’s website.