teenWhether you want to learn about living a healthier lifestyle, are looking for a job, or interested in volunteering for college applications, it can all be found here in the teen section of Flower Mound NextGen. We have also added information about the Flower Mound Youth Action Council (FMYAC), and how you can get involved with the program.

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Below are some quick descriptions about what you will find on each page:

Healthy Living

The healthy living page will provide you with tips to live a healthier life and recipes that will help you get there. Whether it is a unique and healthy dessert recipe or neat facts about the famous '5-second rule', you will find it here.

Job Opportunities

Have you ever needed extra spending cash? If you're 16, it might be a good time to do some job searching. The job opportunities tab provides open positions within the Town that you might qualify for such as a lifeguard, Community Activity Center attendant, or a water safety instructor.

Programs for Teens

This page offers links for programs in the Town of Flower Mound aimed at teens.

Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that colleges often take into account a student's volunteer opportunities when deciding to admit him/her to their college? The Town offers many ways to give back to the community through various organizations.

Words to Know

Many of us know the basics about state, local, and national government. But how many of us actually know the meanings of common government terms? On this page, we have compiled a list of words that might be helpful for teenagers to know when talking about government.

Youth Action Council

The Flower Mound Youth Action Council (FMYAC) is a group that serves as an advisory group to the Town Council, Parks, Arts and Library Services (PALS) Board, Executive Team, and the Recreation & Leisure Services Division regarding issues that affect Town youth. Here you will find complete information about the FMYAC and how to join.