Charter Review Commission


8/31/23, 6pm
9/13/23, 6pm
10/4/23, 6pm
10/10/23, 12 noon
11/8/23, 5pm (public input)

With a public hearing on Nov. 8, 2023, 5 to 6 p.m., to receive citizen input on the topics to date or offer new suggestions for possible amendments.

Location of Town Hall (2121 Cross Timbers Rd.) for all of the above dates.

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes

See the Agenda Center pages, under Charter Review Commission for past postings of meetings.


The Town Council is required by Charter to begin a review of the Charter every 5th year, with the option of conducting the review itself, or appointing a Charter Review Commission (CRC), with a minimum of five members.

The Flower Mound Home Rule Charter was originally adopted in 1981. It has been amended seven times, and most recently May 2019.  On August 7, 2023, Council approved Resolution No. 17-23 appointing members and charging another review.


The following individuals are appointed to serve as members: 

  1. Steve Dixon, Chair (and voting member)
  2. Mike Wallace
  3. Ann Martin
  4. Sandeep Sharma
  5. Greg Wilson
  6. Rick Lust

Contact Us

 For questions, please contact Theresa Scott, Town Secretary, at 972.874.6076.

To email the Charter Review members, The deadline to receive suggestions for possible amendments for consideration by the Commission is Wednesday, November 8, 6pm.