Identity Theft

Identity Theft continues to be a growing concern. Help protect yourself and the ones that you love. Listed below are several links to educational material that may help prevent you or a loved one from becoming a victim.

Identity Theft Brochure – English

Identity Theft Brochure - Spanish

Identity Theft Packet – English

Federal Trade Commission – Identity Theft

If you are a victim of Identity Theft, here is what you need to do:

1. Gather all pertinent information regarding the misuse of your identifying information. Documents that may be needed include:
  • Detailed Account Statements
  • Complete Account numbers (along with contact information for banking institutions)
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Relevant Addresses
  • Copies of all documents for Investigator
2. Contact Banking Institutions and Credit Reporting Bureaus to prevent further loss or use of your identifying information.
Credit Reporting Bureaus:
  • Equifax: 1.800.525.6285
  • Experian: 1.800.397.3742
  • Trans Union: 1.800.680.7289
3. Contact your local police department to fill out a report. If your local police department is the Flower Mound Police Department, you have two options to report the theft:

  • If you are located in Flower Mound and wish to report the offense, an Officer can respond directly to your location by contacting non-emergency Police Dispatch 972.539.0525. 
  • You also have the option 24/7 to report all offenses at the Flower Mound Police Department located at: 4150 Kirkpatrick Lane, Flower Mound TX, 75028
4. All offenses are then forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division of the Flower Mound Police Department for Investigation. Investigators will be in contact with all victims.

For further information regarding Identity Theft or if you would like to speak to the Flower Mound Crime Prevention Unit, please feel free to contact us at