Denton Creek District


The Denton Creek District (DCD) is west of US 377 and north of Denton Creek in which a variety of commercial, industrial or residential uses could be appropriate, such as office, retail, industrial and/or high density residential, in planned developments providing coordination between the uses and with surrounding areas. The DCD first appeared in the Town’s Master Plan 2001 as it was annexed in 1999. Located on the far west side of Town with no roads (aside from the major arterials of FM 377 and FM 1171), water lines, or sewer lines, the property remained undeveloped until the approval of the Canyon Falls project in 2008. The Denton Creek District emphasizes high quality, regional commercial and industrial development, as well as mixed office, retail and residential uses. The area offers a significant opportunity to ensure the Town’s long-term economic health and prosperity.

Activity during the review:

Roads are being constructed as part of the Canyon Falls development along with water and sewer lines. Once these public infrastructure pieces are completed, the Town expects development interests to peak in the area. Other projects within the Canyon Falls development include the Denton County Precinct 4 government building, and a new Argyle Independent School District High School.