Special Events
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For a list of all Special Events in 2015, look at our Special Events Flier.

Independence Fest 2015
The Town of Flower Mound is currently in the planning stages for Independence Fest 2015. If you are interested in partnering with the Town by sponsoring the event, visit the sponsor page for more information.

Outdoor Waterpark Splashtaculars 
Friday, July 4, 1 to 5 p.m. - Independence Day
Monday, September 7 1 to 5 p.m. - Labor Day

Join Parks and Recreation staff at the CAC to celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day at the CAC Outdoor Waterpark. Activities and games are spread throughout the day to encourage participation from patrons of all ages and abilities. Activities are FREE with paid admission.

Movie & A Splash
Wednesday, July 8 - Jaws
Wednesday, July 22 - Balto
Wednesday, August 5 - Gremlins
Wednesday, August 19 - Anastasia
Bring your family, friends, and floats to the CAC Indoor Pool to enjoy Movie & A Splash! Movies begin at 7:30 p.m. Evening activities are FREE with paid admission to the CAC. Children 10 and older are welcome without an adult present. Scheduled movies may change without notice.

NEW! Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge
Month of July
In celebration of July Parks and Recreation Month, take part in the Flower Mound Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge! Beginning July 1, grab a camera or smart phone, family and friends, and visit Flower Mound parks to complete a list of fun challenges and tasks. Complete as many tasks as possible and submit photo entries by Wednesday, July 22. To enter, email your photos to .  All submissions will be entered into a raffle to win prizes. The top 3 individuals or families who accomplish the most tasks will be entered in for a separate drawing for a gift certificate for Flower Parks & Recreation programs.  A gift certificate will also be awarded for the most creative photo.


  1. Starting July 1, photo scavenger task will be posted to the Flower Mound Parks & Recreation Facebook page daily by 6:00am.
  2. All "scavenging" must be completed during parks/special event hours.
  3. When submitting photos, please include the family or individual name, date of task, and name of park.
  4. All pictures must be submitted by Wednesday, July 22.
  5. Judging of prizes and/or any tie breakers will be completed by the Flower Mound Parks & Recreation staff.
  6. All submitted photos are subject to being posted by the Town of Flower Mound to the website, Facebook page, and other promotional sites.

 For more information, please call 972.874.6276 or visit www.flower-mound.com/parks.

Please note, all 'scavenging' must be complete during park open hours. By submitting photos, individuals agree to the disclaimer.

NEW! Back to School Bash
Sunday, August 16, 6 to 9 p.m.
Come enjoy a night full of music, food, and fun! Students, 10-15 years, will enjoy a night at the CAC Outdoor Waterpark with entertainment, free food, games, and prizes. This is a fun, energetic, and supervised evening of programs and will give parents an opportunity to relax. Kids will have a blast getting together with friends and meeting some new ones! Registration is required.

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