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Our Master Plan Welcome to Our Master Plan project page. 

Copies of the approved ordiances can be viewed here.

What will we be doing?
It’s clear; the Vision for the Town’s Master Plan is still applicable. This review does not begin with asking what the Town should be, but rather, how to implement the existing vision concurrently with the returning economic market. With that goal, the process involves a focused discussion on four planning areas:

Click here to view an overall map of the districts.

The major community engagement aspect occured during two Town-wide community meetings at the Flower Mound Public Library (meeting location was determined by RSVP counts). This community engagement process is intended to provide a framework for early public involvement, and promote diverse participation and active engagement. Audience polling was used to gauge knowledge and guide discussion of specific focus areas. Polling was also used to measure opinions on a variety of issues.

How can I get involved?
Like our Facebook page so you can stay informed and receive reminders on important dates, see other great ideas from fellow Flower Mound citizens, and learn how to engage in the process.

If you are not a Facebook user, you can still follow the discussion on our Facebook page. Although you will not be able to post comments, you can email us your thoughts and we will post them for you. "Post By Others" cannot be viewed on Facebook without a Facebook account. Don't worry, we have you covered. You can find out what others are posting here.  

We want to hear from you. Post on our Facebook page, email, call, drop by the office…you get the point! If you missed the community meetings, its not too late to provide your feedback.

  • Community Meetings were conducted on September 19 and 21 at the Flower Mound Public Library.
    • The Sept. 19 and 21 "Our Master Plan" community-wide meetings are available for online streaming here. They are located under the "Other Meetings" tab and are labeled by date. Although the live poll conducted during the meeting is closed, those who missed the meeting were able to participate in an online survey. You may review the live polling and online survey resluts here. The presentations with live polling results are posted on the Timeline page according to meeting date.    
  • Download this flyer and help spread the word
  • Email us – 
  • Phone us – 972.874.6079
  • Drop by 2121 Cross Timbers Road (Town Hall) and ask for Tommy Dalton

When is this happening?
NOW! Our challenge is to provide some focused thoughts on the four areas mentioned above. We officially began on August 5, 2013, and hope to wrap up in November or December 2013.  Check out our Timeline.  

How do I get started?
Take a look around this webpage. The four areas previously mentioned link to their respective Master Plan documents. Review this information, and ask us questions about what it means, or tell us what you think it means. Be sure to review the Master Plan’s vision. When you are done, please attend a community meeting to give us your thoughts, or reach us by any method listed above.

If you like history, we have included all of the Town’s historical master plans for review. Here you can look at how land use has changed since 1981.

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Director of Strategic Services

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Executive Director of Development Services

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