The Flower Mound
The Flower MoundTales of  The Flower Mound Mound
There are almost as many legends, interpretations, and stories, often contradictory, concerning The Flower Mound as there are bluebonnets in Texas.

Unchallenged Facts
There are very few unchallenged facts about The Flower Mound. The Town of Flower Mound derived its name from it, it rises 650 feet above sea level, and it stands 50 feet above the surrounding countryside. Texas' eminent historian, the late A.C. Greene, believed the hill received its name in the 1840s because of an unusual amount of wild flowers that grew on it. This area was part of the great American Black Land Prairie that ran from Canada to the Rio Grande and from the Rockies to the Mississippi. Only 1,000 acres remain of the original 20 million known as the Tall Grass Prairie.

Abundance of Flowers
Because early pioneer settlers used The Flower Mound as a hay meadow and never plowed, the wild flowers were conspicuously abundant in wet springs. However, wildflowers and native prairie grasses flourish throughout the year. The non-profit Flower Mound Foundation has identified more than 175 species of wild flowers, a handful of which are included on this website.

At Present
The Mound is now referred to as The Flower Mound. Learn more about The Flower Mound Foundation.

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