Facilities Projects

Updated 9/9/16 - updated information shown in red

Interim Fire Station #6 Western O&M Facility)

This project is for an fire station #6 located on Town owned property on Stonecrest in western Flower Mound. Fire will be located at this site for approximately three years until construction of a permanent location. Once Fire relocates, the building will become the Western Public Works O&M facility.  A professional service agreement with MPI Architects in the amount of $44,250 was approved by Town Council on October 19.  The award of the construction contract to Basic IDIQ, in the amount of $771,398.40, was approved by Town Council on March 21, 2016.  Work on the structural block exterior wall is complete. The roof trusses are installed. Roof decking and installation of the exterior brick began this week.  

Anticipated completion: October 2016

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