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Updated 9/9/16 - updated information shown in red

American With Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan - 2016 Update

This project is to annually update the ADA transition plan. The PSA for the 2016 annual update with Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc. in the amount of$100,000 was approved by  Town Council March 21, 2016.
  • Task 1 - Project management (33% complete)
  • Task 2 - Self evaluation/data collection (complete)   
  • Task 3 - Transition plan (25% complete)
  • Task 4 - Documentation (0% complete)
  • Task 5 - Staff training (0% complete)
FM 1171 Sections 2 and 3 Improvements (TxDot)

This is a TXDOT project. The contract has been awarded. The construction contract time period began June 2, 2014. The contract allows for 693 days of construction and 33 months under barricades. The contractor is running two crews. One crew began at Shiloh working toward the west, and one crew began at I-35W working east.  Ongoing work/installations:       
  • 377 to Tour 18:
    • Westbound lanes
  • I-35W to 377:
    • Eastbound lanes
    • Westbound lanes
  • Tour 18 to Shiloh Road:
    • New Freeman Drive entrance
    • Chimney Rock Drive

Anticipated completion: September 2017

FM 1171 Eastbound Turn Lane at FM 1171/FM 2499 Intersection

The project includes the installation of a FM 1171 eastbound turn lane at the FM 1171/FM 2499 intersection. The project includes approximately 530 feet of paving, relocation of an existing 8 foot hike/bike trail and utility relocations. The design contract in the amount of $52,000 was awarded to Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. on February 15, 2016. Design is ongoing. TxDot approved the preliminary alignment.
FM 2499 Roadway/Drainage Improvements

The project includes the replacement of an undersized drainage structure under FM 2499 west of the FM 2499/Gerault intersection, the installation of a new drainage structure for the existing drainage structure that is being replaced running along the western side of FM 2499 to Denton Creek, and the extension of the fly-over lane into Grapevine and FM 2499/Gerault Intersection improvements. A professional services agreement with Northgate Constructors, providing for the preliminary design of the drainage improvements portion of the project, in the amount of $492,168 was approved by the Town Council on December 15, 2014. RTC approved $7M funding for the project on January 15, 2015. Amendment No. 1 to the PSA increasing the design contract in the amount of $383,092 was approved by Town Council on July 20. Plans are 95% complete. Staff is currently preparing the TxDot construction permit application. It will be submitted as soon as final plans are complete. All easement documents are finalized. A meeting was held on July 6, 2016 that included Town staff, Grapevine staff and the Southgate consultant to discuss project coordination. The City of Grapevine provided review comments and staff/consultant is working on addressing. The coordination of the connection of the Town's box culvert to the Southgate's detention pond is ongoing.                                            

Forest Vista Reconstruction Phase I (Lake Shore to FM 2499) street reconstruction

The professional services agreement to provide professional engineering design services for $156,013 was approved by Town Council on March 16, 2015. Design is complete.  The construction award to TISEO Paving Company, Inc., in the amount of $3,012,867.70, was approved by Town Council on May 2, 2016. Change Order No. 1 was approved by manager communication on May 20 decreasing the contract by $150,000, and increasing the final completion by 26 days. Two-way traffic will be maintained in place for the duration of the project. There will be continuous access to neighborhoods and schools; however detours will be required while work is performed at neighborhood entrances. Ongoing work/installation:

  • Eastbound lanes -FM2499 to Lakeshore:
    • Demolition

Anticipated completion: May 2017

Sagebrush Drive Paving Improvements – FM 2499 to Old Settlers              

The project consist of replacement of the existing 2,500 linear feet of open section two lane asphalt roadway with a modified urban collector roadway consisting of concrete pavement, storm sewers, irrigation, street lighting, traffic signal relocations at FM 2499 and Old Settlers. Design contract was awarded to Freese and Nichols, Inc. in the amount of $299,762 by Town Council on February 3, 2014. The award to CD Builders, Inc. for the construction of the project, in the amount of $2,439,999.99, was approved by the Town Council on June 1, 2015. Notice to proceed was issued with the effective start date of June 9.  Ongoing work/installations:

  • Westbound concrete paving (complete)
  • Sidewalk - north side of Sagebrush (complete except handicap ramps)
  • Sagebrush/Old Settlers intersection - LISD drive approach reconfiguration and northbound left turn lane (complete)
  • Eastbound lanes:
    • Removal of existing asphalt/dirt work
    • Stabilized base
    • Concrete paving

The stone cladding of the face of the box culvert headwalls will not be installed until the concrete paving of both the  lanes are complete.

Anticipated completion: October 2016   

Sidewalks Links and ADA Improvements 2015

The project includes the construction of missing sidewalk gaps, reconstruction of ADA Transition Plan identified sidewalk and ADA ramps, for the purpose of maintaining Town sidewalks and ADA improvements. The Town Council approved the award to 2L Construction, LLC to construct the improvements on July 20, 2015. The sidewalk gap locations remaining to be completed are:

  •   FM 1171 - south side from Kirkpatrick Lane to Everett Drive
  •   FM 1171 - south side from Timber Valley Drive to Garden Ridge Blvd.
  •   FM 2499 - west side from north to south of Bob White Lane
  •   College Parkway - south side from Gaston Park to Briar Creek Drive
  •   Firewheel Drive - west side from Milford Drive north to first driveway
  •   Peter's Colony - north side from Old Settlers Road to Auburn Drive                                          

The notice to proceed date was January 13. In August, 2016 the contractor terminated the contract with the Town. Soliciation for a new contractor for the remaining projects is ongoing.

Anticipated completion: TBD

Stonecrest Roadway/Waterline Project (Developer)

The project consists of installation of 2,815 linear feet of paving and drainage improvements, and 3,780 linear feet of 20" ductile iron waterline installation from approximately 500 feet north of Canyon Falls Drive to the Town limits (Oak Ridge Lane). The paving and drainage improvements will widen the existing Stonecrest roadway from a 2-lane 24 foot wide rural road to a 2-lane 36 foot wide urban collector. The 20 inch waterline terminates in the Canyon Falls subdivision. Ongoing work/installations:             

  • Waterline installation
  • Northbound lane:
    • Concrete paving (complete)
    • Driveway and street approaches (complete)

Anticipated completion: February 2017                                                                              

Street Reconstruction Projects 2015                                               

This project includes the following streets:

  • McKamy Creek (Flower Mound Road to Woodhill Drive) 
  • Canterbury (Churchill Drive to Dover Drive)
  • Superior Place (Colonial Drive to 1545 Superior Place

The professional services agreement with CobbFendly, Inc., in the amount of $337,290 was approved by Town Council November 17, 2014. Design is complete. Due to the delay in right of way acquisition, the construction of the project is scheduled for FY 16/17. The project is currently being advertised for bids. Bid opening is scheduled for this week.

Street Reconstruction Projects 2016 - I

This project includes the following streets:                                                                                    

  • Sheffield Court (from Amherst Lane to end of cul-de-sac) 
  • Colonial Drive (from Colony Street to Homestead)
  • Repairs to sanitary sewer line on Colonial Drive

On December 31, 2015, design amendment No. 4 to Teague Nall and Perkins, Inc. in the amount of $5,100 was approved. The construction award to 3D Paving and Contracting, LLC., in the amount of $814,590, was approved by the Town Council on April 18, 2016. A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for June 10, at which time the notice to proceed will be issued for Sheffield Court. Upon completion of Sheffield Court a notice to proceed will be issued for Colonial Drive. Effective start date is June 27 for Sheffield Court. Construction of the project is ongoing. The tie-in of service connections is complete.

Anticipated completion: Sheffield Court - November 2016

Street Reconstruction Projects 2016 - II                                  

This project includes the following streets:

  • Yucca(from Sagebrush Drive to approximately 700 feet south of FM 1171)
  • Woodbine Street (from Timber Creek Road to Bluestem Street)

The project consists of the upgrade of Yucca Drive from an open section two lane asphalt road to two lane concrete curb and gutter road. The project also includes reconstruction of the existing Woodbine Street concrete curb and gutter street. On June 20 2016 the professional services agreement with Ciado and Associates, Inc.., to provide professional engineering services, in the amount of $181,249, was approved by Town Council. Design of project is ongoing.                                   

Timber Creek Road Phase II - Kirkpatrick Lane to Glen Hollow Drive

The project includes the addition of two lanes pavement, sidewalk additions, repair of existing pavement failures and ADA improvements at the intersection of Timber Creek Road and Kirkpatrick Lane. A professional services agreement with Pacheco Koch, LLC., to provide professional engineering services for $78,877 was approve by Town Council on October 16, 2015. 100% design plans are complete. A neighborhood meeting was held on March 30, 2016 at pairie Trail Elementary School. The construction award to XIT paving and Construction, Inc., in the amount of $595,946, was approved by Town Council on April 18. Notice to proceed was issued with an effective start date of May 9.
All lanes are open to traffic. Final site cleanup and establishment of grass is ongoing.

Anticipated completion: Substantially complete

Traffic Signal Installation – FM 1171/Kirkpatrick and FM 1171/Timber Creek Reconstruction.                              

The project is the reconstruction upgrade to two existing traffic signals. The traffic signal installations are at the end of their life cycle and need to be completely replaced. The professional services agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. for the traffic signals design, in the amount of $33,500.00 was approved by Town Council on December 15, 2015. Design is complete. Traffic signal poles are delivered and being stored at the Service Center until they are installed.  TxDOT has approved the plans and issued the permit for construction. A construction award to Roadway Solutions, Inc., in the amount of $227,778, was approved by Town Council on May 16, 2016; execution date June 6. Notice to proceed was issued with a June 28 start date. Work on the signal at Timber Creek is complete. The signal will be activated as soon as the electric service is complete. Work on the Kirkpatrick signal is ongoing.

Anticipated completion: November 2016



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