Street Projects
Updated 11/25/15 - updated information shown in red

FM 1171 Sections 2 and 3 Improvements (TxDot)

This is a TXDOT project. The contract has been awarded. The construction contract time period began June 2, 2014. The contract allows for 693 days of construction and 33 months under barricades. The contractor will be running two crews. One crew will begin at Shiloh and work toward the west, and one crew will begin at I-35W and work east. 
  • I-35W to Tour 18:
    • Work is ongoing on the east bound lanes. Work is ongoing on the improvements to the SW quadrant of the FM 1171/US377 intersection. Ongoing work includes completion of earthwork and stabilization of the roadway sub-base and the installation of the asphalt base from Whites Branch Creek to US 377.
  •   Tour 18 to Shiloh Road:            
    • The installation of the eastbound bridge over White's ranch is ongoing. The installation of the westbound lanes from Shiloh to Post Oak is ongoing as well as the removal of asphalt paving and earthwork. 

Per TXDOT, the switching of all traffic to the completed eastbound lanes from just west of the bridge (located west of Tour 18 to Post Oak) is anticipated to occur December 18.

Anticipated completion: March 2017

FM 2499 Roadway/Drainage Improvements

 The project includes the replacement of an undersized drainage structure under FM 2499 west of the FM 2499/Gerault intersection, the installation of a new drainage structure for the existing drainage structure that is being replaced running along the western side of FM 2499 to Denton Creek, and the extension of the fly-over lane into Grapevine and FM 2499/Gerault Intersection improvements. A professional services agreement with Northgate Constructors, providing for the preliminary design of the drainage improvements portion of the project, in the amount of $492,168 was approved by the Town Council on December 15, 2014. RTC approved $7M funding for the project on January 15, 2015. Amendment No. 1 to the PSA increasing the design contract in the amount of $383,092 was approved by Town Council on July 20. Plans are 85% complete.                

FM 2499 – US Hwy 121 Interchange to Denton Creek Bridge (TxDot)

The project consists of the construction of a new northbound and southbound FM 2499 through lane. The lanes will be built 25-30 feet below the existing grade level. This will allow commuter traffic to bypass the existing signalized intersections at Grapevine Mills Blvd and Stars and Stripes Way. The project includes a new northbound frontage road, minimum upgrades to the southbound frontage road, and four new bridges. The project is a design/build project and the contractor is Northgate Contractors which has been the contractor on the DFW Connector Project. Work began August 2013.
Ongoing work:

  • Installation of the north and southbound through lanes from the Hwy 121 interchange to Grapevine Mills Blvd.
  • Construction of the north half of the Grapevine Mills Blvd. Bridge.
  • Construction of the Denton Creek southbound bridge.
  • Installation of concrete pavement south of Grapevine Mills Blvd. Bridge and dirt work, CSM walls north of the bridge.

Website: www.dfwconnector.com/laneclosures.php

Anticipated completion: Late 2016/Early 2017

Forest Vista Reconstruction Phase I (Lake Shore to FM 2499) street reconstruction

The professional services agreement to provide professional engineering design services for $156,013.00 was approved by Town Council on March 16, 2015. The design kickoff meeting was held March 26. Design is ongoing. 70% complete plans were received September 30 and are being reviewed by staff.

Lakeside DFW Development projects

FM 2499/Lakeside Parkway Intersection Improvements – The project includes modifications to the traffic signals along with the installation of dual north/south left turn lanes and a southbound right turn lane. The award of the bid to 3-D Paving and Contracting, LLC, in the amount of $732,895.25 was approved by Town Council on March 16, 2015. A pre-construction conference was held April 9.  Notice to proceed was issued with an effective start date of April 27. The upgraded traffic signals were activated on August 31 and are fully operational. Both the northbound and southbound left turn lanes have yet to be opened to traffic. The installation of the southbound right-turn lane is complete. Work left to be completed includes: sidewalk installations, finalization for signal related improvements (including removal of old traffic signal pole bases), final cleanup of site and establishment of site.

Anticipated completion: December 2015                                                      

Sagebrush Drive Paving Improvements – FM 2499 to Old Settlers

The project consist of replacement of the existing 2,500 linear feet of open section two lane asphalt roadway with a modified urban collector roadway consisting of concrete pavement, storm sewers, irrigation, street lighting, traffic signal relocations at FM 2499 and Old Settlers. Design contract was awarded to Freese and Nichols, Inc. in the amount of $299,762 by Town Council on February 3, 2014. Review comments from TxDOT (traffic signal at 2499) have been received and are being addressed by the Town’s Consultant. The award to CD Builders, Inc. for the construction of the project, in the amount of $2,439,999.99, was approved by the Town Council on June 1, 2015. Notice to proceed was issued with the effective start date of June 9. Preliminary work is underway for the temporary traffic signal poles installations.  The only storm water item left to be completed is an upgrade to the junction box connection to the TxDOT FM 2499 storm water system.  The relocation of the fire hydrants is ongoing. Work has begun on the earthwork associated with the installation of the road base beginning at the west end of the project.

Anticipated completion: August 2016                            

Sidewalks Links and ADA Improvements 2015

The project includes the construction of missing sidewalk gaps, reconstruction of ADA Transition Plan identified sidewalk and ADA ramps, for the purpose of maintaining Town sidewalks and ADA improvements. The Town Council approved the award of Bid. No 2015-75, to 2L Construction, LLC to construct the improvements on July 20, 2015. The sidewalk gap locations, in order of priority recommended by the Transportation Commission are:

        1.    FM 1171 - south side from Kirkpatrick Lane to Everett Drive
        2.    FM 1171 - south side from Timber Valley Drive to Garden Ridge Blvd.
        3.    FM 2499 - west side from north to south of Bob White Lane
        4.    College Parkway - south side from Gaston Park to Briar Creek Drive
        5.    Firewheel Drive - west side from Milford Drive north to first driveway
        6.    Peter's Colony - north side from Old Settlers Road to Auburn Drive
        7.    Quail Run - north side portion between Auburn Drive to Bruton Orand Blvd. (adjacent to 3876 Quail Run Road)
        8.    Spinks Road - south side 1401 Spinks Road approximately 735 feet west of Gerault Road.     
2L Construction, LLC is the contactor for the Dog Park project as well. The contractor will not start this project until all concrete work associated with the Dog Park is complete. It is anticipated that this project will begin in December.
Street Reconstruction Projects 2014

This project includes the following streets:

  • Phase 1  - Colony Street (Superior Drive to Coker Drive) - complete
  • Phase 2 - Sheffield Court (Amhearst Lane to End of Cul-de-Sac) - rebidding
  • Phase 3 - Colonial Drive (Colony St. to Homestead Street). - rebidding

Design is complete. A bid opening was held on November 5, 2014. The award of bid to FNH Construction, LLC, in the amount of $984,043.50, for the construction of the project was approved at the January 15, 2015 Town Council Meeting. The order of phased construction will be the Colony Street, Sheffield Court, and Colonial Drive. Notice to proceed for Sheffield Court will not be issued until Colony Street is substantially complete. Construction is ongoing. Due to the extended wetter than normal site conditions, it was determined that a section of the project subgrade needed to be over excavated, dried out and compacted in place. This was outside the scope of the original contract and staff negotiated a change order in the amount of $39,000 to cover the additional work. The change order was approved by Town Council on July 20. Staff and the contractor have mutually agreed to terminate the remainder of the contract. The remaining streets will be rebid as a future street reconstruction project. All work is complete on Colony street. The final change order and acceptance of the project is scheduled for Town Council December 7.                           

Anticipated completion:  Complete                             

Street Reconstruction Projects 2015

This project includes the following streets:

  • McKamy Creek (Flower Mound Road to Woodhill Drive)
  • Canterbury (Churchill Drive to Dover Drive)
  • Superior Place (Colonial Drive to 1545 Superior Place)

The professional services agreement with CobbFendly, Inc. in the amount of $337,290 was approved by Town Council November 17, 2014. Design is ongoing. A neighborhood meeting will be scheduled for the proposed Canterbury and Superior Place improvements at the completion of McKamy Creek’s 90% complete plans. 60% McKamy Creek plans have been reviewed by staff and comments furnished to consultant. The right-of-way easement documents and appraisal are complete. Staff met with the property owner and made a formal offer based upon the appraisal. The property owner felt the offer was too low and rejected the initial offer. Staff will continue to negotiate with the owner.                                                                                                    

Traffic Signal Installation – FM 1171/Kirkpatrick and FM 1171/Timber Creek Reconstruction.

The project is the reconstruction upgrade to two existing traffic signals. The traffic signal installations are at the end of their life cycle and need to be completely replaced. The professional services agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. for the traffic signals design, in the amount of $33,500.00 was approved by Town Council on December 15, 2015. Design is complete. 100% complete plans have been submitted to TX DOT for review and permitting. Traffic signal poles were delivered and are being stored at the Service Center until they are installed. 

Turn Lane Installations

The project includes the installation of two left turn lanes from Flower Mound Road onto Native Oak and a single right turn lane eastbound from FM 1171 onto Auburn Drive. The bid award to 3-D Paving and Contracting, LLC in the amount of $232,101.80 was approved by the Town Council on February 2, 2015. Notice to proceed was issued March 9.

  • Native Oak - complete.
  • Auburn Drive - All work is complete except for the completion of the installation of grass.

Anticipated completion:  Complete - acceptance pending

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