What does the municipal code say?
Click here to read the current municipal code ordinance applicable to door-to-door solicitors.

Who is currently allowed to solicit in Flower Mound?
A list of current solicitors and their photos can be found here.

Who is required to get a permit?

Anyone that makes contact with a citizen at their home is required to obtain a solicitor's permit with the following exceptions:

  • The ordinance shall not apply to public utility companies or others operating under franchises granted by the town, insurance sales people, real estate sales people, and others licensed by the state, political groups or organizations which are subject to financial disclosure under state or federal law.
  • The ordinance does not require a solicitor's permit for commercial agents dealing with local business establishments in the usual course of business.

Tax-exempt charitable organizations that are subject to financial disclosure under state and/or federal law are not required to obtain a permit.  They are not required to wear a solicitor's badge but generally wear identifying apparel or other identification.

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