Charter Review Commission

Charter Review Commission (CRC) meetings will be broadcasted live via FMTV when possible, however, for dates that conflict with other meetings taking place at Town Hall, those meetings will be recorded for viewing the next day or as soon as possible.

All meetings are open to the public and participation is encouraged.

Meeting Schedule

Process Notation:
The Charter Review Commission (CRC) will discuss and consider proposed Charter amendment items at the 6/30 public hearing meeting and will make recommendations accordingly. Those recommendations will be discussed and considered by Council on July 18th (when the CRC plans to present their report). At that time Council will provide feedback relative to those recommendations, or any new items of their choosing, followed by taking official action on those recommendations, as warranted, at the August 15th Town Council meeting. That action is considered calling the election and will authorize which items, if any, should be placed on the ballot for the November 8th election. Only the Town of Flower Mound voters have the authority to change the Charter by voting on any of the proposed amendments as presented on the ballot in either a general or special election. The last day, by statute, to call a November election is August 22nd. Once a Charter election is held, the municipality may not have another Charter election for two years.

Most meetings are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. with the location of  meetings varying between Town meeting rooms. Check posted agendas for locations nearer to time.

Thr, April 7 (Fire Station #1)
Thr, April 28 (Town Hall)
Thr, May 12 (Town Hall)
Thr, May 26 ( Public Library)
Thr, June 9 (Town Hall)
Tue, June 21 (Town Hall) - PUBLIC HEARING
Thr, June 30 (Town Hall) - PUBLIC HEARING
Wed, July 6, 10:00 a.m. (Town Hall) - Tentative

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes
See the Agenda Center pages, under Charter Review Commission for postings of meetings.

The public is encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings.

On 3/21/16 Town Council appointed the following individuals to serve as members of the Charter Review Commission:
  1. Jody Smith,  Non-Voting Chair
  2. Tim Trotter, Vice Chair
  3. Amy Wallace
  4. Robert Rawson
  5. Connie Smith
  6. Kia Mastey

The Town Council is required by Charter to begin a review of the Charter every 5th year, with the option of conducting the review itself, or to appoint a Charter Review Commission (CRC), with a minimum of five members.

The Flower Mound Home Rule Charter was originally adopted in 1981. It has been amended five times, and most recently May 2012.

CRC charge (goals/objectives) as defined by a Resolution (No.08-16) of the Town Council on 3/21/16:

  1. Review and understand the Town Charter in Flower Mound; and
  2. Review the book Texas Home Rule Charters by Terrell Blodgett and revised by Scott Houston, published by the Texas Municipal League; and
  3. Review and discuss any provisions that conflict with state law or any of the Town’s Ordinances; and
  4. Review and discuss any provisions that would improve efficiencies and/or result in a cost savings for the Town; and
  5. Discuss options for processing charter violations; and
  6. Review and discuss provisions relating to term limits, length of terms,  and consecutive terms, for elected officials; and
  7. Review and discuss removal of the provisions relating to the Parks, Arts, and Library Services Board; and
  8. Identify a process for public review of proposed Charter amendments; and
  9. Based upon the Commission’s review and the public’s input, consider and identify recommendations for amendments to the Town Charter.

Important Dates
6/6/16 - Tentative CRC interim report to Council

8/1/16–Final CRC recommendations to Council to be presented at 8/15 Town Council meeting

8/15/16–Proposed date to Order the November 2016 Election (would include Council approval of Charter items to be placed on the ballot)

11/8/16–Election Day

Contact Information
To contact the Charter Review Commission email .

For questions, please contact the Town Secretary's Office at  Town Secretary or call 972-874-6070.

Documents and Links

The following links are documents that have been provided by Town staff to the CRC for the purpose of providing background information or general research for various discussion items:

1.  Town Charter

2. Texas Home Rule Charters - Second Edition published by the Texas Municipal League

Benchmark City Charters:
1. Allen

2. Carrollton

3. Colleyville

4. Coppell

5. Denton

6. Frisco

7. Grapevine

8. Highland Village

9. Keller


11. McKinney

12. North Richland Hills

13. Richardson



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