As we receive feedback via email on the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District we will post it here. We are also posting these comments on Facebook. If you have any suggestions or additonal thoughts on this topic or feedback below, please Join the Discussion on Facebook or send us an email.

Received: August 26, 2013
From: Jack Dawson with Centurion American
Comments: Mr. Dawson emailed a letter suggesting the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District allow for the “design of a cluster-like conservation development with varying residential lot densities that will preserve natural habitats, significant environmental features, and continue to meet the intent of the Master Plan.” You can view the complete letter here.

Received: August 27, 2013
From: Randi Rivera with G&A Consultants, LLC
Comments: We have reviewed the letter submitted by Centurion American and offer the following summary to be posted on the Town’s Master Plan Update FB page: 

  • Currently, there are only 2 development options in the CTCDD – develop 2 acre lots or develop 1 acre lots with 50% of the land in a conservation easement. The CTCDD should allow for more flexibility in lot size and incentivize developers to provide more than 50% open space if they are seeking smaller lots. This would promote the preservation of significant environmental resources by increasing the amount of open space.

  • Conservation easements should not be required because not every piece of a property is environmentally significant. Rather, the CTCDD should be revised to allow some open space areas to be used for passive or active recreational purposes to become part of the Town’s parks system. This would benefit the Town by contributing to a community-wide network of park and open space areas and enhance the quality of life. These areas can either be maintained by the proposed HOA, the Town, or a joint-maintenance agreement.

  • Developers could be responsible for extending the necessary sewer lines into the CTCDD to serve their developments. The Town may also participate in a limited capacity and/or establish pro-rata agreements for the sewer extensions.

  • Centurion American is interested in developing the Smith Family property (450 acres) and they would like to be able to provide more open space and get smaller lots but still keep a 1-acre density. This property has several significant environmental features that would be preserved in a cluster-like development.

Received: September 5, 2013
From: Ron Stewart with Environs Group Landscape Architecture
Comments: Mr. Stewart provided these comments via email:

After going to several seminars on Conservation Development with Town of Flower Mound, Upper Trinity Water District, North Texas Council of Governments and during the last 10 years at the Texas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, I think it would be worthwhile to study the North Texas Council of Governments “Integrated Storm Water Management Design Manual for Site Development”. In particular Chapter 1, Storm Water Management System Planning and Design, is a very helpful tool. For the residential component of the CTCDD, the guidelines for “Cluster Development” would be very applicable and easy to apply. The guidelines end up with the same goals as the current TOFM code, but allow for more flexibility and a wider market appeal. Instead of “reinventing the wheel” with hours of staff investment, I think a strong reference to the NTCOG manual would be helpful.

I have attached a few pages from the ISWM DDMSD as an example of what I am talking about.

Received: September 9, 2013
From: Sally Smith Mashburn
Comments: Ms. Smith mailed a letter about the Smith family property at the corner of FM 1171 and Shiloh Rd. She indicates the 450+ acre property has been held by the Smith family for over 50 years. She also mentions they have been approached by several developers who have indicated interest in the property. The letter mentions the following -- the family “envision[s] a combination of residential and commercial development that services the future needs of the community. We would like to see an established developer come in with a well thought out plan that would include smaller lot sizes with preservation of open space that would include beautiful recreation areas and needed buffers, as to maintain a higher greener quality of life for the citizens of Flower Mound” – The letter also discusses cluster developments and extending sewer into the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District. You can view the complete letter here.

Received: September 26, 2013
From: Rand Richard
Comments: The Richards submitted an email about their property located on the north side of Quail Run and west of Liberty Elementary.  You can view the complete email here.

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