Lakeside Business Distrct Feedback
As we receive feedback via email on the Lakeside Business District we will post it here.  We are also posting these comments on Facebook.  If you have any suggestions or additional thoughts on this topic or feedback below, please Join the Discussion on Facebook or send us an email.

Received: August 17, 2013
From: Tom Goss
Comments: More thoughts to include in the Master Plan review process. I've attached a PDF file of the Lakeside Business District with my notes. Specifically, I think we need to change the land use on the south side of FM 2499 to High Density Residential. This will continue the apartment trend originating in Grapevine and allow for upscale units or townhouses overlooking the Grapevine Golf Course. It would also supplement the residential components of Lakeside DFW. As far as the density opponents go, this area is so far south of the main area of FM that it should not be a problem.

For the north side, I'd suggest Commercial with C-2 zoning for about 1/4 of the land area bordering FM 2499. That would allow commercial development to support the High Density housing and for service businesses to take advantage of the huge traffic counts on FM 2499. I don't think it is realistic any longer to hope for Campus Commercial to fill the space.

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