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Posted on: March 1, 2018

Town Reviewing Permits for Steps to Improve Cell Reception

Poor Cell Reception NEWSFLASH

Flower Mound is one step closer to improved cell phone reception. In February, AT&T submitted permit applications to the Town for the installation of several small cell antennas. The permit applications are under review, and when approved, these antennas will be placed in the right-of-ways in select areas of Town, with several going in around the Lakeside DFW area, where cell phone reception has been especially problematic. The antennas will be placed on existing structures whenever possible, like utility poles or traffic signals.

Texas legislature recently passed a bill prohibiting small cell improvements in public right-of-ways without approval from the Town or city. Verizon and Sprint were in preliminary discussions with the Town, however neither has been in touch since the aforementioned legislation passed. T-Mobile has not been in touch, and Sprint is not interested in small cell technology.

We’ll provide updates as more information becomes available.

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