Stormwater Projects

Updated 1/13/17 - updated information shown in red. 

Bank stabilization projects - 1601 Twilight Drive and 3400 Pheasant Court. 

This project includes the installation of 153 linear feet of 16 foot high bag-wall to prevent further erosion along Bakers Branch at 1601 Twilight Drive that is threatening a sanitary sewer main and private property. The project also includes the installation of a bag-wall to provide creek bank stabilization along McKamy Creek where erosion is threatening to expose a sanitary sewer line located east of 3400 Pheasant Court. The construction contract was awarded to Knight Erosion Control, Inc. for 1601 Twilight Drive, in the amount of $126,618, and 3400 Pheasant Court, in the amount of $32,190 by Town Council on March 21, 2016.
  • 1601 Twilight Drive - This project will require the issuance of a FEMA Floodplain permit by the Town. The FEMA floodplain permit was issued by the Town. Construction is ongoing. Project is 60% complete.
  • 3400 Pheasant Court - complete