Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch and Homeowner's Association: 972-874-3357

This is a community program which operates with police guidance and support. The program is a very good one for improving the cohesiveness of a neighborhood as well as making it a better and safer place to live. It is really a collaboration between the community and the police department to insure every effort is made to keep the area a safe friendly place to live. If you live in a neighborhood that has a watch program in effect, we recommend you contact your local coordinator or block captain to join. If you do not have an established neighborhood watch program, contact the Police Department to obtain assistance in starting one. To get started talk with a few of your neighbors and find out if you have enough interested residents to get a watch started. To have a viable watch, you need a minimum of 50% of the residents to participate (although you don't need them all to show up for your meeting to start things off). Then pick a time and place to hold a meeting. Call our office and schedule to have one of our officers come out and provide an overview of the program and explain what you need to do to form your neighborhood watch. Our officer will explain all criteria, have some handouts for everyone in attendance, and answer any questions. Once you have met the criteria, the police department will have your watch signs installed at all entrances to your community. This will let everyone know that you have a neighborhood watch in effect. In addition, the Police department is available to meet with your Homeowner's Association to discuss crime prevention in your neighborhood.

The Flower Mound Police Department is in the process of developing a new method of communicating critical incident information to each Homeowners’ Association and Neighborhood Watch. By providing updated contact information, the Police Department can ensure timely communication of important information to your group. Please have the appropriate contact fill out the form below that pertains to your group.

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