Park Improvements

The Parks and Recreation Division is working hard to enhance the quality of life for Flower Mound residents, including updating and renovating many Flower Mound playgrounds and parks.


Future Park in Canyon Falls Development

The Town of Flower Mound Parks and Recreation Division (PARD) recently surveyed Canyon Falls’ residents to determine which amenities should be included in the 10.25-acre park located on Stonecrest Road, which will serve approximately 179 new homes.
During the November 30 public meeting, 42 participants prioritized the amenities in the following order:

  1. Playground, 29 votes
  2. Pavilions, 20 votes
  3. Outdoor adult fitness equipment, 15 votes
  4. Basketball court, 15 votes
  5. Spray pad, 9 votes
  6. Restrooms, 6 votes
  7. Teen activity area, 0 votes
  8. Adult activity area, 0 votes
Staff also conducted an online survey from December 12 - 16, for those who could not attend the public input meeting. An additional 60 residents responded, with the following prioritized amenities list:

  1. Playground, Score: 8.45
  2. Basketball court, Score: 7.14
  3. Pavilions, Score: 6.45
  4. Outdoor fitness equipment, Score: 6.40
  5. Spray pad, Score: 5.90
  6. Game tables, Score: 5.90
  7. Restrooms, Score: 5.67
  8. Adult activity area, Score: 5.61
  9. Parking, Score: 5.32
  10. Teen activity area, Score: 5.21
  11. Pickleball, Score: 4.47
Using the survey results, Parks and Recreation staff has partnered with MESA landscape design consultants to prepare two design options for consideration by the Town of Flower Mound Parks Board and Town Council this spring. More information will be provided, when available, regarding meeting dates.


Heritage Park Phase 2B 

Heritage PondHeritage Park Phase 2B is now completed and open to the public! Improvements included 88 additional lighted parking spaces; a one-acre pond with boardwalk, fountain, underwater LED lighting, and a waterfall feature; 11 picnic stations with tables; and additional concrete trails.


Twin Coves Park Improvements

The Master Plan includes RV sites, roads and parking, pavilions, primitive camp sites, cabins, restroom/shower facilities, kayak/boat launch, trails, and other recreational facilities. Construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2015, and the park is expected to reopen in the Fall of 2016. However, before any new construction can begin, crews will need to clean-up Twin Coves Park, which was largely under water since May's historic rains. The flooding damaged the park's electrical system, asphalt road, water lines, picnic shelters, courtesy dock, left behind major debris, and carried off several trash receptacles. Approximately 40 trees died in the flooding; those will also need to be cleared.


Westchester Park Pavilion Renovations

This new park pavilion at Westchester Park has 4 picnic tables, a barbeque grill, and trash a receptacle.

Glenwick Pavilion 2.jpg

Glenwick Park Pavilion Renovations

This new park pavilion at Glenwick Park has 2 picnic tables, a barbeque grill, and trash a receptacle.

Northshore Pavilion 1.jpg

Northshore Park Pavilion Renovations

This new park pavilion at Northshore Park has 2 picnic tables, a barbeque grill, and trash a receptacle.

Shadow Ridge Playground Renovations

Shadow RidgeThis is a new circus themed playground with separate 5-12 year old and 2-5 year old play structures both with large, fabric shade canopies over the top, several independent climbing and spinning pieces and swings.

Culwell Park Renovations

Culwell ParkThis park received a new ranch themed playground with separate 5-12 year old and 2-5 year old play structures, two independent springers, one spinner and swings. The site improvements include a sidewalk connection from the neighborhood to the playground, a picnic pavilion with a barbeque grill and 1 picnic table and two combination picnic/shade structures which are all connected by walks providing complete ADA accessibility.

Cortadera Park Renovations

Cortadera ParkThe old bench and approach walk were removed and replaced with a new approach walk connected to a picnic pavilion with a barbeque grill and 1 picnic table, two combination picnic/shade structures and a new play area ramp making the amenities entirely ADA accessible.

Colony Park Renovations

Colony ParkColony Park playground is now complete! This playground has a rainforest theme and includes a 2-5 year old play structure, a 5-12 year old play structure, a see-saw, and several bouncing and spinning independent play items. Both structures are covered with large shade sails the block the hot summer sun

Rheudasil Park Pond Improvements

RPark.jpgDuring the May 4 Town Council meeting, Council members approved vital upgrades that will greatly enhance the aquatic health of Rheudasil Park Pond, including:
  • Bank Stabilization: Slope revetment structures will be installed around the entire pond to combat erosion and turn steep inclines around the shoreline into gradual slopes. A small section of the northern side of the pond will have a combination of slope revetment and retaining wall installed as the bank is most steep there, and revetment alone will not be effective. Bank stabilization not only stops the banks from eroding outward into the park, it increases accessibility for residents to utilize the shores of the ponds for fishing or other activities.
  • Mechanical Dredging: Over time, sediment from litter, runoff, bacteria and other factors begins to settle on the bottom of any pond. As this sediment continues to build upward, the aquatic health of the pond can become threatened, thus mechanical dredging is needed to restore the pond’s natural bottom. The mechanical dredging of Rheudasil Park Pond would only occur in the northern section of the pond, where it is the deepest. That particular area is drained; the sediment is dug out using excavators, loaded into sealed trucks and hauled off site. Fish and other aquatic wildlife are confined to a cofferdam (a small pond within the pond) during the course of dredging.

Town Engineers and Park Development staff will be working together to coordinate this project. The design phase will begin this summer, with the anticipated start of construction late summer or fall of 2016.