Ever think of the people or animals that roamed Flower Mound many years ago? This timeline will try and paint a picture of the Town of Flower Mound and the area that it encompasses. If you would like to learn more about the history of Flower Mound, we recommend you head over to the Library and do some digging around. We are always open to adding information to the timeline. 

Chisholm Trail(4,000 – 2,500 B.C.) – Archaeological surveys completed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers indicate that humans inhabited Denton County around this time.

(1840s) -European Settlement of North Texas begins with the Peter’s Colony Land Grant.

(1846) – Denton County formed.

(1854) - Flower Mound Presbyterian Church was founded by the Reverend Matthew B. Donald.

(1860s) – The Chisholm Trail crosses through Flower Mound along the I-35W corridor. Over six million cattle were herded out of the state during the 20-year period following the Civil War

(1877) – The Donald Academy was founded. It was in operation from 1877 through 1942. The school catered for first through tenth grades. It was the largest rural school in Denton County.

(1880) – Yoakley’s Store was established. The business provided locals with a cotton gin, blacksmith shop and post office. The store survived until the Great Depression in the 1930s.

(1914) - A new school is formed, the New Donald School, on the west side of State Highway 2499, approximately 3/4 miles north of the "Flower Mound".

(1952) – Construction on Grapevine Lake begins. The lake was competed in 1953 and has become a major recreational area in the community.

Mayor(1961) – The Town of Flower Mound incorporated to avoid being annexed by the City of Irving. Bob Rheudasil became the first mayor of the Town and served until 1968.

(1974) – Flower Mound’s oldest service organization, The Summit Club, is formed. Summit Club.jpg

(1978) – First Lewisville Independent School District school opens in Flower Mound. Timber Creek Elementary is open to kindergarten through fifth-grade students.

(1981) – Marcus High School opens, and is the first high school in Flower Mound.

(1985) – The Flower Mound Public Library opens.

(1993) – Town unveils its cable access channel, FMTV. Library

(2001) – An organization of Flower Mound teenagers between the ages of 14 – 19 geared toward making a difference is formed and named Flower Mound Youth Action Council.

(2003) – Bakersfield Park groundbreaking.